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Nov. 28, 2019


Hi All - My plan was to dedicate an account to the history of public transit in Toronto, but it's a lot of work, and during the process I came across so much material on the history of Toronto and the various forms of transit, I have decided to create four separate series - I will be posting the material into four categories: The history of transit in Toronto, the history of streetcars in Toronto, the history of Toronto's subways, and the history of Toronto itself - Again; it will be a series of posts from various sources with articles, stories, images, and videos

This will be the history of Toronto's streetcars page - Please feel free to comment here, follow me on Twitter, and visit my Facebook pages for more information and posts on transit and other urban issues

Here are the links to pages for the other three series, and other media:


TTHseries (Toronto Transit History)

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Twitter - #TorontoTransitHistory - @TTHistory


StreetcarHistoryTO Series

TorontoTransitBlog - #StreetcarHistoryTO - < You Are Here!

Facebook - Toronto Streetcar History -

Twitter - #StreetcarHistoryTO - @SCHistoryTO


SubwayHistoryTO Series

TorontoTransitBlog - #SubwayHistoryTO -

Facebook - Toronto Subway History -

Twitter - #SubwayHistoryTO - @SubwayHistoryTO


HistoryTO Series

TorontoTransitBlog - #HistoryTO -

Facebook - Toronto History -

Twitter - #HistoryTO - @HistoryTO3


NOTE:  Much of the material will be duplicated on each of the above blogs and pages, so choose one or two, and follow those