Metrolinx/TTC Follies - Ontario Line

Nov. 1, 2019

"Obviously the two routes serve completely different areas, but the Dundas West alignment would serve a larger number of people regardless of the metrics used - Doud Ford has his shorts in a knot over this Ontario Line, but just about any study you do would prove that the city planners have had it right all along with the Dundas West route - Gord Perks is right that the city has caved in to the province just to get something off the ground - Ontario Place and Exhibition Place would best be served by the Waterfront LRT proposed by the city - The Waterfront LRT is going to be built regardless of what the Ford government does - It would also be a waste having two major lines serving Exhibition Place when there are so many other areas of the city that need better service"

Phil Prentice in response to Kerry Yelk on Facebook - Nov 1'19