Nov. 3, 2019

Dundas West Station vs Ontario Line Exhibition Place Alignment

"Proponents of the Ontario Line say the west does not need relief as much as the east, which may be the case at the moment - My position is that the most direct route is the best route, and this Ontario Line West/"Spagetti Line" is going to hamper future transit development [such as the proposed Waterfront LRT and a future King Street Line (Ontario Line 2) for examples] - The problem with a spur off the Ontario Line at Queen-Bathurst is that it would mean interlining with the Ontario Line at Queen-Bathurst and would have to be planned and the connection for it built now (to do this at some future point would be immensely expensive and impractical) - I just don't have any faith at all that the Ontario government has the will or the foresight to do this now - Although I hope this Exhibition Place leg of the Ontario Line falls through, I am going to embrace it for the moment and think about future transit with this Ontario Line in place"

Phil Prentice in response to Benjamin Smith on Facebook - Nov 3'19