Dec. 4, 2021


"I don't want to be a spreader of doom and gloom, but this liquor shortage is a sign to me that the global supply chain issue could be, or might already be, greater than the oil crisis of 1973:

"Stock up early on booze this holiday season, LCBO urges, citing supply chain issues"

The global semiconductor shortage is of course the most notable supply chain issue at the moment, bringing manufacturers all over the world to their knees:

"The 2020–2021 global chip shortage is an ongoing crisis in which the demand for integrated circuits is greater than the supply, affecting more than 169 industries and has led to major shortages and queues amongst consumers for cars, graphics cards, video game consoles, and other products that require semiconductors" - Wikipedia

What does this have to do with my two passions, transit [building the best transit network(s) in Toronto and the rest of Ontario], and Urbanization [controlling it to build the best cities for us to live and work in]?

Well, as a contractor, I can tell you that there are similar shortages in building materials - Most of us have heard of or experienced the effects of lumber and plywood shortages, but there is even a bigger issue with steel; corrugated steel for example is in very short supply, not to mention that the costs have gone through the roof (no pun intended) - The supply chain for steel is much longer than concrete or wood products

My point is, these and other material shortages are having a huge impact on construction and are either going to slow or even bring transit and other construction to a halt

#SupplyChain #SupplyChainCrisis"

Phil Prentice - Dec 4'21