Dec. 2, 2021

"Thanks to the Premier's brother Rob"

"Rob Ford wasn't the first or last politician to make changes to transit in this city - He killed Transit City, which I agree with - Transit City was an inferior propsal - Toronto needs much more than that - The extension of Line 2 to Scarborough Centre is a result of his efforts - The extension provides a much better base on which to build future transit - It can eventually be extended north to Markham and beyond, and (if we do it right) the Sheppard Subway could be extended and interlined with it; the rest of Scarborough can be LRT [preferably buried as much as possible (especially through Malvern Centre)] - The only thing Ford is guilty of is stopping and putting us back on the right track

#RobFord #SSE #SmarterTracks"

Phil Prentice in response to Carol Holms on Facebook - December 2'21