Oct. 23, 2021

"assuming someone can make that walk" ... "our bus system isn’t a reliable source of transportation"

"I have posed the question of distance between stops regarding the Eglinton Crosstown LRT (and the Ontario Line) to Metrolinx a couple of times - Their response each time was that the distance between stops is necessary to allow transit vehicles to get up to top speed and minimize the travel time (so sad, too bad, for those without efficient bus service that cannot walk up to 1,000 metres to get to the lines, and then up to another 400 or 500 metres to get to a station or stop once they get there)

FYI; for comparison, bus stops in Toronto are usually about 200 to 300 metres apart

When I pointed this out to a Metrolinx Eglinton Crosstown LRT representative, her response was that they were aware of the problem and that some bus service would remain along certain sections of Eglinton (sharing the reduced number of lanes with the rest of the vehicular traffic, I guess) [I'm also curious as to who gets to have this selective privileged bus service and who does not]

And, as per the question I posed to them above regarding parking; which brain surgeon at Metrolinx decided that eliminating parking at transit stations would encourage people to use public transit? (I only use rapid transit when I can drive to a station and park my car; there is not a hope in hell that I have time or am going to take a chance trying to get there waiting for a, or dealing with transfers by, bus)

Phil Prentice in response to Jade DeVouge on Facebook - Oct 23'21