Oct. 6, 2021

Bike Lanes for Hamilton LRT

"I have been advocating for burying rapid transit forever now, and I never really thought too much about you cyclists; it's okay if I call you "you cyclists", isn’t it?; but besides the issues that a surface LRT presents for pedestrians and vehicular traffic, I see that it presents a major issue for cyclists as well

I get that these plans have been set for over a decade now and that biking has only more recently become a necessary form of mobility today, but I took a look at the plans for the Hamilton LRT recently, and I don’t see any provision for cyclists at all, not even a lane with painted lines

Cycling may not be as much of an issue in Hamilton as it is in Toronto, but since they are tearing down buildings along much of Main Street to widen the corridor available for the new LRT, wouldn’t this be the time to take an extra 12’ and put in proper bike lanes?

Continuous bike lanes along a major new transit line makes too much sense to me

#Cycling #CyclingTO #BikeLanes #BikeLanesHamiltonLRT"

Phil Prentice on Facebook - Oct 6'21