Jan. 6, 2020

History of Toronto Series

Hi All - I am tired of Facebook disabling and removing my pages and accounts without explanation or opportunity to explain or appeal, so f*** 'em; I will gradually be moving all of my pages and accounts away from Facebook - For now; you can follow my History of Toronto series here:

TorontoTransitBlog - #HistoryTO Series - Geological History of Toronto (and the surrounding region) - http://www.torontotransitblog.com/444657873

[NOTE: Links for other periods of time (and other series) to follow at a later date, as the series develops]

MeWe - History of Toronto - https://mewe.com/p/historyoftoronto

Also; MeWe - History of Toronto Group - https://mewe.com/group/5e1045b3dde4e061aaf5250d

Twitter - #HistoryTO - @HistoryTO3