Relief Line / Ontario Line Stations - Queen and Spadina

Jul. 31, 2021
Sep. 18, 2020

Straightening out the curve and travelling diagonally will give customers a ride that is smoother, more comfortable and faster. This change reduces track maintenance, which means less risk of delays due to repairs making for a more reliable service. Due to the depth of the tunnelling through these areas, we expect any impacts will be comparable to the previous plan and that the majority of buildings overhead will not be needed to accommodate construction. Tunnelling deep into the bedrock below the surface and reducing the curvature of the route reduces the potential for vibration and noise and allows us to deliver the Ontario Line in a way that provides faster service while minimizing or avoiding impacts to the built environment.

Sep. 18, 2020

1. The Ontario Line station at Queen and Spadina will sit adjacent to Toronto’s thriving Fashion District. It will conveniently connect to the 501 and 510 TTC streetcar lines and bring customers to historic Chinatown and an array of lively nightspots and trendy shopping opportunities along Queen West.
Current plans envision maintaining streetcar service in these areas throughout the duration of the project, though there might be times when service is re-routed or reduced to accommodate construction work.

Work is anticipated to begin after financial close is reached for the Southern Civil, Stations and Tunnel procurement package.

Jun. 13, 2019

On April 10'19 the Ontario government announced that they would be replacing the City's Relief Line plan with the Ontario Line - The Ontario Line will run from the Ontario Science Centre at Don Mills and Eglinton to Exhibition Place - This new line will include a station at Queen/Spadina