Other Infrastructure - The Port Lands

Oct. 6, 2020

The City of Toronto is looking for candidates to take on developing the proposed Basin Media Hub in the Port Lands - Photo via CreateTO

Aug. 23, 2020

Construction Progress in the Port Lands - February 2020

Waterfront Toronto - Published on Mar 2, 2020

Looking east across Cherry Street, you can see the new river valley starting to take shape. The new river valley will be on average 100 metres wide. It will cut a kilometre-long path along Don Roadway and west across Cherry Street, ending in a new, renaturalized river mouth. Cousins Quay is being used to store construction materials, but in 2024, this concrete space will be a beautiful park bordering the mouth of the Don River. Around 230,000 cubic metres of locally sourced clean material has been placed around Essroc Quay so far. This will form the northwest corner of the future Villiers Island. The new habitat coves have been completed. You can see the naturalized shoreline along the Cherry Street Lake Filling Project and the foundations for the future Cherry Street Bridge. For more information, visit www.portlandsto.ca/construction

This video was shot on January 30, 2020