International - North America

Nov. 1, 2018

Published on 22 Sep 2018
The debate that plays on many subway videos: which subway system is the best? In this case let us look at North America - what is your favorite system and why? Comment below.

Included are 16 systems within North America that I have been to and filmed. Wikipedia was used to provide data such as daily ridership, length, number of stations, opening year, and interesting facts. Please note that ridership can vary depending on the year and the years used for ridership are not consistent for this video.

As pointed out Vancouver was left out: I originally did not think of it as a metro but on closer thought it should be in the list since it shares a lot of characteristics of one.

What constitutes a subway or metro is also challenging as some systems do not have the traditional characteristics of a subway. Based on what Wikipedia claims and whether the trains resemble an actual subway train: the following metro/subway systems where used for this video: Boston, New York, San Francisco, Washington DC, Chicago, San Juan, Los Angeles, Toronto, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Miami, Atlanta, Cleveland, PATH (New Jersey), Mexico City and Montreal.

-Since San Juan is part of the United States it is counted as a system in North America.

-data is up to date for 2018 - there are expansions happening across many systems in North America and thus stations, system length, and ridership is subject to change (but perhaps that is why you like the system? Because its expanding?).