Other Ontario - High-speed Rail

Jul. 4, 2017

Ontario's plan for high-speed rail would have trains that could handle speeds of 250 km/h, a bit slower than the London-to-Paris Eurostar or a Japanese Shinkansen bullet train (pictured) - Shizuo Kambayashi / The Associated Press file photo

May. 25, 2017

Premier Kathleen Wynne dreams, no doubt, of harvesting more votes by proclaiming Ontario’s biggest-ever infrastructure project — a sleek high-speed train with all the bells and whistles — as her $20-billion legacy, writes Martin Regg Cohn - Dave Chidley / THE CANADIAN PRESS file photo

May. 24, 2017

High speed trains, such as this Zefiro Train by Bombardier, do not make sense for southwestern Ontario, either 40 years ago or now, writes Murtaza Haider - Toronto Star File Photo