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Jul. 20, 2019

Jennifer Keesmaat (@jen_keesmaat) tweeted at 2:26 p.m. on Sat., Jul. 20, 2019:
It's true. We have a car problem. Too many cars, not enough space for families, seniors and children to safely *be* in the city. The sooner we admit it, and change our ways, the better our quality of life will be.

Jul. 20, 2019

"We need rapid public transit in place before we start trying to reduce vehicular traffic; and even then; public transit isn't for everyone"

Phil Prentice in response to Jennifer Keesmaat on Twitter - Jul 20'19
Jun. 21, 2019

"Buses will still be required along Eglinton when the #EglintonCrosstownLRT launches in 2021; only now they will have to share what few lanes are left with the rest of the vehicular traffic, and will be "at lower frequencies than today" #WalkRadius #CrosstownLRT #TransitTO #SmarterTracks

Phil Prentice on Twitter - Jun 21'19
Jun. 20, 2019

A new survey from Forum says that commute times in the city have gone up, with transit riders and young people feeling it the most - ANDREW FRANCIS WALLACE / TORONTO STAR FILE