Need! - Toronto

Jun. 2, 2019

"Toronto is the lifeblood of Ontario, if not the entire country - If we don't do something immediately, this economic engine is going to come to a halt - It's people like you and politicians without guts and foresight that have put us in this position - If you hope to have any kind of future for your children, you would support these projects"

Phil Prentice in response to Debbie Hyndman West Crozier on Facebook - Jun 2'19
Jun. 1, 2019

The most crowded bus route during busy weekday peak service periods was the 29 Dufferin, which operated at 122 per cent of the crowding standard - RENE JOHNSTON / TORONTO STAR

Jun. 1, 2019

Fri., May 31, 2019

May. 5, 2019

"Taxes are the story; revenue from attractions are but a drop in the bucket - I hazard a guess that this Ford budget is the first time in many decades that tax dollars have swung back to Toronto and the GTA - Not saying that this is necessarily a good thing though"

Phil Prentice in response to Lauren Griffith on Twitter - May 5'19