Quotes - Subways

Nov. 24, 2018

"Too little, too late ..... These are bandaid solutions to major problems in this city - The city needs to do something drastic, and do it soon! #SmarterTracks #BRTs"

Phil Prentice on Twitter - Nov 24'18
Nov. 1, 2018

"The DRL should be our first priority, but 24% of all transit trips originating in Scarborough are for travel to the rest of Toronto, not just downtown; similar figures would apply to those in the rest of the city - The subway loop created by connecting the Don Mills Station with Scarborough Town Centre would do more to service those riders than just those living and working along the route"

Phil Prentice on blogTO - Nov 1'18
Apr. 3, 2017

"It's not just about increasing ridership - It's about giving us options"

Phil Prentice - April 3'17