Opinion / Commentary - Scarborough (Line 2) Subway Extension

Jul. 8, 2019

"An extension of Line 1 would have saved/will save over 20 minutes a day - The #SRT saved/and now the LRT will save nothing - #LRTvsSubway #ScarbTO #TransitTO @JohnTory #TOpoli @FordNation #ONpoli #SmarterTracks"

Phil Prentice in response to Sir Chuck Briskets on Twitter - Jul 8'19
Jul. 6, 2019

Former Metrolinx CEO Bruce McCuaig was head of the provincial transit agency during a key period in the debate about the future of transit in Scarborough - He said he is "no longer in a position to comment on Metrolinx matters" - VINCE TALOTTA / TORONTO STAR FILE PHOTO

Jul. 6, 2019

"Let's not be naive; politicans have been manipulating the system since transit was invented - If left to the city's planners, we would have had a subway to Scarborough Centre by now"

Phil Prentice on Facebook - Jul 6'19
Jul. 6, 2019

Furry Rider (@FurryRiderI) tweeted at 5:25 a.m. on Sat., Jul. 06, 2019:
I'd like to know what your agenda is #jPags? - You have done nothing over the years but to lobby against the #SSE - Yes; the #1stopSSE was a mistake - #DougFord is making it right by restoring the #3stopSSE - This is what the City's planners have maintained all along; not an LRT

Jul. 6, 2019

"A "Core Principle of Journalism" = "fairness and impartiality" - #jPags #SSE #1stopSSE #DougFord #3stopSSE #ScarbTO #TransitTO @FordNation #FordNation #ONpoli #TOpoli @SCMirror #SmarterTracks @TorontoStar #TorontoStar #JournalisticEthics #Ethics"

Phil Prentice on Twitter - Jul 6'19