Mar. 31, 2017

Option D

RER 10-Year Service Concept for Kitchener, Lakeshore East, and Stouffville corridors AM Peak Hour, Peak Direction. Eglinton West LRT shown in red.

Funded and committed GO RER frequencies in the peak and off-peak
5 to 10 minute peak service
15 minute off-peak service
4 to 5 new stations
Locations to be finalized through GO RER new stations analysis and discussions between Metrolinx and the City
Stations tested include St. Clair, Liberty Village, Unilever, Gerrard-Carlaw
Kitchener and Stouffville through service

SmartTrack Option D

• 29,200 more daily riders than GO RER

• Serves 20,100 people and 12,400 jobs

• 8,000 disadvantaged residents served

• Reduced ridership on Yonge South of Bloor by 3,800 and WB to SB transfers by 2,600 in AM peak hour relative to GO RER

Results of Preliminary Analysis

All options provide significant new opportunities to access rail services within the City of Toronto
Ridership levels will be driven by many factors including level of service, fare policy, and integration with local service
Options A and B require significant incremental infrastructure that leads to increased cost and community impacts; capacity challenges at Union Station are also a factor
Option C provides more access within the City of Toronto, slows travel for some long distance trips
Option D provides some increased access within the City of Toronto, but has less negative impact on travel times than Option C
Metrolinx and the City of Toronto will undertake additional analysis of the options