Mar. 16, 2017

Queen Streetcar on Spadina Right-of-Way = Slow

Shireen Jeejeebhoy - Published on 13 Jul 2013

The 501 Queen streetcar was on diversion and went on to King Street, the most heavily travelled streetcar route in Toronto, notorious for short turns and slow traffic. Then the Queen car went on to the Spadina streetcar right-of-way, which is supposed to have traffic light priority. I'm sure it happened when it was first constructed -- I remember those little streetcar lights turning green before everyone else's -- but it doesn't now. Apparently, there are plans to finally implement priority lighting. At some point.

Then the Queen streetcar went back on to Queen to continue its journey west.

Travel along this route is slow and unpredictable. From one appointment to the next, it can take me an extra 20-30 minutes. Fun. There are plans to build a downtown relief subway line underneath King Street, but it's 15 years away. The entity in charge of building it, Metrolinx, doesn't think it's all that important. Neither do the Ontario and Federal governments. Commuters beg to differ. This video is what it's like now. It will become worse.