Mar. 16, 2017

I predict that the one-stop Scarborough Subway Extension will be killed during the next municipal election

Scarborough has been stuck with an inferior transit system for over thirty years - Although I still support an extension of the Bloor-Danforth (Line 2) subway over an LRT for Scarborough, I think the mounting pressure, mainly due to the rising costs, will kill it during the next election


  • One-stop – The omission of two of the three stops has diminished the viability of the line in two major ways
    • It has made Scarborough Centre the hub and the sole focus of transit in Scarborough when the three stops combined would have created a base for an effective transit network with better and more accessible local service and more flexibility for future changes and expansion
    • The change to one stop has made it virtually impossible to justify and convince the rest of the city that the cost is worth it and that this is the best long-term solution for Scarborough
  • SmartTrack – John Tory’s decision to omit the two subway stops to help justify and ensure the success of SmartTrack so that he can fulfill his election promise and mistaken idea that SmartTrack is the best solution for Scarborough
  • In my opinion (and based on my own personal observations); roughly 60% to 70% of so-called Scarberians support the one-stop subway over LRT – The amount of support from the rest of the city is likely far less than 50%
  • The next election will be fought with transit as the single most contentious issue – The majority of the candidates will see fit to side with the majority and the extension of the Bloor-Danforth subway will be defeated in favour of an LRT

I still maintain that the three or four stop subway extension is the best solution for the future of transit in Scarborough – Unless something changes; Scarborough will be stuck with an inferior transit system for another thirty years

For those who are going to state that they would rather have LRTs; the subway extension would serve as the spine of an efficient transit network with a combination of all other available modes of transit, including buses and LRTs feeding into it

Scrap the Lawrence West SmartTrack Station, use the savings, and build the Three-stop SSE

Phil Prentice - Mar 16'17