Existing GO Train Stations - Union Station

Nov. 14, 2020
Nov. 7, 2019

"Yes; for many of those travelling to and from Union Station, Union Station is not their intended origin or destination - They don't have much choice because that's the only option GO provides them with - The Ontario Line will provide relief for Union Station as well as for Line 1 and the Bloor-Yonge Station"

Phil Prentice in response to Red Bulmer on Facebook - Nov 7'19
Aug. 27, 2019

"Workers getting closer to finishing $823M revitalization of Union Station", but rumor has it that the long delayed and over budget upgrade is already obsolete and inadequate to meet the city's needs - Why am I not surprised?"

Phil Prentice on Facebook and Twitter - Aug 27'19
Aug. 27, 2019

City officials gave reporters a tour of areas under construction to show that 'there is actual progress happening' - The $823 million project is behind schedule and costing more than originally estimated - Martin Trainor/CBC