MIXED BAG - Transit Humour

Sep. 11, 2018

Ice Cream Sandwich - Published on Jun 12, 2017
EDIT: BEEP BEEP BEEP this just in! I'm terrible! I forgot to credit the artist that made me the fan art I shared at the end of the video. https://marcocomics.tumblr.com/

He's responsible for both of those wonderful fan arts.
This video can be summed up as "I went outside and it was a bad idea". So the moral of the story is stay inside. Fear the outside world, it is a strange place.

Sep. 11, 2018

Domics - Published on Nov 30, 2017

Feb. 14, 2017

NFB - Published on Dec 7, 2016 - This short animation based on a popular children's story by Robert Munsch tells the story of a young boy with a major problem: his apartment has become a subway station but his mother doesn't believe him and blames him for the commuters' mess