Mississauga Transitway Project / Transitway Stations

Apr. 19, 2017

City Of Mississauga - Published on 18 Oct 2016

The MiWay Five Transit Service Plan (2016-2020) is moving Mississauga's transit system from a design that radiates from the city centre to a grid network that will allow for more frequent buses along main corridors.

The plan sets the stage for more transit expansion as MiWay prepares for the completion of the Mississauga Transitway in 2017 and the new light rail line along Hurontario Street.

MiWay customers will see service improvements rolled out throughout the year - For the latest update visit, www.miway.ca/miway5

Jan. 17, 2017

The Mississauga Transitway provides more efficient and reliable transit service on a dedicated bus corridor. Metrolinx is constructing the western segment and the City of Mississauga is constructing the eastern segment.

When the 18-kilometre busway is fully complete in 2017, there will be 12 new stations. A new station building at GO Transit's Square One Bus Terminal will also be built along with renovations to MiWay's City Centre Transit Terminal.

The Mississauga Transitway is being developed in partnership with the Government of Canada, the Province of Ontario, GO Transit (a division of Metrolinx) and the City of Mississauga.


Jan. 17, 2017
Jan. 17, 2017

How It Works

The Mississauga Transitway will connect GO Transit with local bus services (MiWay) and subway systems (TTC) to link high-density development and employment centres across Mississauga.
Metrolinx – Mississauga Transitway West

Metrolinx is constructing the Mississauga Transitway’s west segment – which includes 1.5-kilometres of bus-only lanes that run parallel to the north side of Highway 403 and three new stations at Winston Churchill Boulevard, Erin Mills Parkway and Renforth Drive.
City of Mississauga – Mississauga Transitway East

The City of Mississauga is constructing the Mississauga Transitway east from the City Centre to Renforth Station (Commerce Blvd.). Transitway stations will be constructed at Tomken Road, Tahoe Boulevard, Etobicoke Creek, Spectrum Way and Orbiter Drive, Cawthra Road and Dixie Road. More information about the east segment stations and construction impacts can be found on the MiWay website.
Time & Travel Savings

GO Transit currently offers service to and from Square One in Mississauga using the 400-series highways.
The new Mississauga Transitway will allow GO to serve new areas of Mississauga without compromising travel times and ride quality to existing customers.
When GO shifts its services onto the Mississauga Transitway, it will provide GO customers with a faster ride at rush hours - up to 15 minutes faster in the peak period.
More choice through more stations and great reliability while travelling on the dedicated bus corridor.

Expected Travel and Time Savings

Winston Churchill to Renforth before transitway = Approximately 32-42 minutes. Winston Churchill to Renforth after transitway = Approximately 20 minutes.
Expected times savings from the Winston Churchill Station location to the Renforth Gateway depending on the time of day, traffic conditions and route travelled = Approximately 15-18 minutes.
Bypassing traffic congestion for a more reliable commute, making it faster and easier to travel across the city.

Information about MiWay travel times and transitway benefits can be found here.

Over the course of this Mississauga Transitway project, a number of Environmental Assessments, Addendums and Public Information Sessions were conducted.

Please visit the City of Mississauga website for access to a number of reports.

Metrolinx hosted a final Mississauga Transitway Public Information Session in 2012. See here for more details.

Metrolinx hosted a Renforth Gateway Public Information Session in 2015. See here for more details.
Who Is Funding the Project?

The Mississauga Transitway project is funded through a joint partnership between three levels of government:

The Government of Canada is contributing up to $83 million to the project through the Canada Strategic Infrastructure Fund ($59 million to the City of Mississauga for the east segment and $24 million to Metrolinx for the west segment)
The Province of Ontario has provided $65 million to the City of Mississauga to support the project and is contributing another $48 million to Metrolinx for investment in Metrolinx assets related to the transitway.
The City of Mississauga and Metrolinx will fund the remaining project costs.