Jan. 17, 2017

East Rail Maintenance Facility

The Project

The East Rail Maintenance Facility (ERMF) will be an approximately 500,000 square foot facility located in Whitby that will provide mechanical maintenance, body repair, as well as day-to-day cleaning and operational services – all essential in order to provide backend support for regional rail expansion. Currently there is only one GO Train maintenance facility for the whole system, called Willowbrook, located in Etobicoke.

Site preparation and grading works started in summer 2012. The facility is scheduled to be completed at the end of 2017.
By the numbers

500,000 square feet of maintenance buildings
over 15 kms of track @ substantial completion and over 21 kms @ full buildout
54 switches @ substantial completion and 68 @ full buildout
13 on-site storage spots for 12-car passenger trains
12 spots for coach repair
11 spots for locomotive repair
2 preventative maintenance bays
1 train wash
1 locomotive wash
1 wheel shop
administrative office areas including a crew centre