Jul. 5, 2019

Tweet from Furry Rider (@FurryRiderI)


“Whether one misinforms, or omits to share the truth, it’s still a betrayal. This shameful failure of the public service has led to misspent tax dollars and longer commute times for Scarborough residents” — @JoshMatlow

Furry Rider (@FurryRiderI) tweeted at 9:18 p.m. on Fri., Jul. 05, 2019:
No different than #JenniferKeesmaat selling her soul in backing #Tory's "optimized" #1stopSSE and #EElrt in place of the #3stopSSE - When's the last time you heard from #JohnTory about the Eglinton East LRT? - https://t.co/M7X6RdtWx6 https://t.co/VYb3BuSHc2