Mar. 15, 2017

Scarborough - LRT vs Subway

"The Scarborough RT is six stops only if you count Kennedy - It's five stops without - The new proposal is two new SmartTrack stops and one new subway stop for a net difference of two stops – The usage of the McCowan, Midland, and Ellesmere stations ranks at the bottom for all stations at 71, 73, and 74 out of the 74 existing subway stations – The three new stops may fall short on convenience but together with other improvements should maintain the status quo – Although I would like to see reinstatement of the two subway stops (one at Lawrence, and one at Sheppard); the extension of the Eglinton Crosstown LRT between Kennedy and UTSC will be the game changer here – The addition of the Crosstown East LRT to the latest proposal will have the biggest single impact on improving rapid transit in Scarborough"

Phil Prentice