Mar. 6, 2017

LRT vs Subway

"there are strong arguments for replacing the SRT with a subway:

1)    Cost

  • Replacing the RT with an LRT costs $1.8 billion
  • Replacing the RT with a subway costs $2.3 billion
  • Therefore, for under $500 million “top up” Scarborough can finally get a subway

2)    Ridership

  • The projected ridership of the Scarborough Subway is 125,000 riders per day /38.9 million per year

3)    Service continuity during construction

  • Constructing an LRT means shutting down the SRT for the duration of the construction (4+ years) and riders would have to use shuttle buses during this time
  • Constructing a subway means no service interruptions, as the SRT will continue running until the new subway opens

4)    Convenience

  • A subway would eliminate the transfer between the Danforth Subway and the Scarborough RT at Kennedy Station, which by 2031 would save tens of thousands of riders per day 5 minutes per trip (a 3 minute walk through the station and a 2 minute wait for the train)
  • Eliminating the need to transfer would also increase ridership and increase TTC revenues"

SOURCE - Councillor and Media Briefing Package - 2006