Scarborough Subway Extension - LRT vs Subway

Jun. 20, 2019

"Nothing has changed over the last 45 years; similar to Phylicia Davis, my route from Scarb Golf Club and Lawrence to Bay and Albert took an average of over 1 1/4 hours each way each day for 4 years - The SRT which came later with it's 9 minute average transfer at Kennedy has done next to nothing to change that - The SSE with no transfer at Kennedy will save 9 minutes - The SRT in place of a subway has cost us about $390 million in lost time (based on an average of approx 7,000 transfers per day at $30/hour over 34 years) - The present value in lost time alone for a SSE vs LRT today will be well over $390 million"

Phil Prentice in response to Aparita Bhandari, The Discourse, on Facebook - Jun 20'19
Jun. 9, 2019

"Subways move at an average of 32 kilometres per hour, compared to around 22 to 24 kilometres per hour for an LRT, and 12 to 15 kilometres for surface service such as streetcars and buses"

Phil Prentice on Facebook - Jun 9'19 -
Apr. 28, 2019

"Complete the network - Extend the subway to Markham; loop Line 1 to meet Line 4, and THEN build all the LRT you want!"

Phil Prentice in response to Steve Munro on Twitter - Apr 28'19