Line 2 East/Scarborough Subway Extension - LRT vs Subway

Jan. 29, 2020

"Sorry Joseph; as an ex-Scarborough resident and transit user, I know I would prefer using bus stops an average of 300 metres apart, with one transfer between bus and subway, than a combination of bus, LRT, and subway, with two tranfers between bus, LRT, and subway"

Phil Prentice in response to Joseph Chemerys on Facebook - Jan 29'20
Oct. 28, 2019

"Over 10 minutes quicker - Present value of $500 million to $1 billion difference in lost time between a subway and the SRT since 1985 #LRTvsSubway #ScarbTO @SCMirror"

Phil Prentice on Twitter - Oct 28'19
Aug. 25, 2019

"A study released in 2014 indicated that ridership for the SSE could be as high as 14,000 passengers/hour by 2031, "almost beyond the capacity of light rail" - Why would you build something where ridership could exceed capacity within a few years of being built?"

Phil Prentice in response to Andrej Feher on Facebook - Aug 25'19
Aug. 24, 2019
Aug. 24, 2019


Phil Prentice in response to Steve Munro on Facebook - Aug 24'19