Dec. 12, 2016

Facebook Exchange - Dec 12'16

Whitchurch-Stouffville GO Train Corridor -Stouffville GO Train Corridor

Stouffville GO Line - Today, GO Transit’s Stouffville line provides weekday rush-hour train service between Lincolnville and Toronto. Trains run south in the…
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Achim Wilfried Heinle
Achim Xxxxxx When? Because right now GO is not a viable option for me to commute to my downtown office location. Driving and Subway is cheaper, faster and more convenient as I don't have to worry about missing my train in the afternoon and having to wait 1 hour for the next one.
Phil Prentice
Phil Prentice I don't know if there is a firm date now - Metrolinx announced that improvements would roll out gradually over a 10-year period - I think the announcement was made a couple of years ago, but Tory's SmartTrack may have thrown a wrench into that - I am not a supporter of SmartTrack - I think SmartTrack will slow GO down with the extra stops - They should have left Metrolinx to their original RER plans - My preference would be to see the Bloor-Danforth Line 2 extended to north of Markham - It's not so much about rapid transit between Markham and downtown, but as more of a local service connecting Markham with the rest of the city - See my plans and other ideas at and
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