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Dec. 12, 2018

A confidential council report from the city’s legal department says the city has few options to prevent the province from taking control of the subway on terms dictated almost entirely by Queen’s Park - COLE BURSTON / TORONTO STAR FILE

Dec. 12, 2018
Toronto Star

By BEN SPURR - Transportation Reporter
Tues., Dec. 11, 2018

Dec. 11, 2018

"It's extended for further evaluation - I anticipate that it will be extended several more times before they make it permanent - Making it permanent will require further approvals, planning, approvals, funding, and approvals - Will probably take several years - Don't you get how we do things here in Toronto?"

Phil Prentice on Facebook - Dec 11'18
Dec. 11, 2018

"Yes, it's not working; each administration undoes the plans and progress of it's predecessor; only now, the timing is working in favour of the 3-stop SSE - Doug Ford will impose it; the Lawrence-Kennedy SmartTrack station will likely be cancelled in favour of the McCowan and Lawrence subway station (or both will be kept); John Tory will have to give in and accept it; and the SSE will be too far along and sunk costs too high by the next pairing of provincial and municipal elections to reverse anything"

Phil Prentice in response to comment by Patrick Shepherd on Facebook - Dec 11'18
Dec. 10, 2018

Toronto's mayor and TTC's union are asking the province to fix what they describe as faulty technology in the Presto card system - Nathan Denette/Canadian Press