May. 12, 2017

"any more money up front will scuttle the entire project"

"I'm afraid that you are probably right - My big concern is that the whole thing is going to be reversed once again following the next municipal election – I am not sure that John Tory really cares whether Scarborough gets a proper subway extension or not – His main focus is and always has been SmartTrack – He has to make it work in Scarborough because a large chunk of SmartTrack West fell through – SmartTrack East is all he has left – He cancelled two of three Scarborough Subway Extensions just to make sure that his SmartTrack is proven to be successful – Unfortunately, this diminishes the feasibility of the subway extension and could effectively kill it – The only reason John Tory supported the SSE during the last election was to gain enough votes for the win – The next election will be fought with transit and housing being the key focal points – Which issue has the largest target on it’s back? ….. The 1-stop SSE – If half of Scarborough’s nominees vote for, and half vote against; how many of the nominees in the rest of the city will vote for a $3.35 billion 1-stop SSE? "

Phil Prentice - May 12'17