Mar. 13, 2017


To Mayor Tory and Toronto City Council Members: 

I am reaching out to you to express my support for the extension of the Line 2 subway from Kennedy Station to Scarborough Centre. 

Simply said, it's time to build better transit for Scarborough.

No new transit has been built in Scarborough since 1985.  Scarborough residents continue to pay taxes but still have not seen transit infrastructure developed to support their community’s growth.

Scarborough is 25% of Toronto’s population, and is only served by 3 subway stations, whereas North York will have a total of 19 subway stations, including on a new subway extension. Further, that new subway extension includes three stations in the City of Vaughan.

Scarborough has continuously been neglected when it comes to building better transit.

It's time to build the subway extension in Scarborough. A subway extension to Scarborough Centre will:

  • Provide express subway service to the over 40,000 daily commuters at the Scarborough Centre RT station – that’s more than 33 already existing subway stations
  •  Increase TTC ridership by providing a new and effective method of commuting between Scarborough and downtown Toronto
  • Eliminate the need to transfer from SRT to subway, saving time for commuters
  • Connect to over 30 TTC bus routes, as well as GO bus, Greyhound, Couch Canada, Mega Bus and Can-ar services
  • Support economic growth in Scarborough and further encourage high density residential development
  • Be the second-busiest terminus station in the entire TTC network, and third busiest station on the entire Line 2 (Bloor-Danforth)

It’s time for transit equity.  Let’s build the transit services that Scarborough needs and deserves.