Feb. 9, 2017

Mayor Ford clueless about LRT during debate on Jul 16 2013

torogood2013 - Published on Jul 16, 2013

Mayor Rob Ford demonstrating limited knowledge of LRT and facts surrounding his own motion during LRT vs Subway debate at council on July 17, 2013. Mayor made two errors: 1) called St. Clair an LRT (it is a streetcar, just like King, Queen, Spadina, etc), and 2) believed that "lanes will be ripped up" when the Scarborough LRT is on its own dedicated route, partially elevated, partially underground, and not sharing space with roads

Council under the leadership of Rob Ford voted to spend $1.2B more on a subway - with only 3 stops - where the LRT serves more stops, has the same top speed of 80km/h, more advantages, and is referred to by TTC CEO Andy Byford as "subway like"