Jan. 28, 2017


"It's a fact that that the City of Toronto needs $30 to $40 billion in new infrastructure over the next 20 to 30 years - It's a fact that this amounts to over $1 billion/year - It's obvious to anyone with common sense that half of this should have been built and the cost amortized over the past 30 years - It's a fact that Toronto cannot pull this off on it's own - It's a fact that this is going to require participation and contribution from all levels of government - It's a fact that governments often finance investments of this magnitude on a shared basis - It's a fact that the Ontario Liberal Party has wasted billions of dollars and cannot afford to cough up it's share - It's a fact that, with or without road tolls, the Ontario government would have had to fork over about 1/3 of $1 billion to cover it's share - It's a fact that the Wynne government has taken away the City's best opportunity for raising it's share, while at the same time twisting the facts to make it look like they are giving something in exchange that they would have had to have given anyway, just to score political points (again!)"

Phil Prentice