Mar. 11, 2017

SmarterTracks Scarborough


North York

  • Scarborough and North York Centres should be connected by subway; to do otherwise would be shortsighted

Markham ON

  • Markham should be connected with Scarborough and North York Centres by a subway along the McCowan Road Corridor

2nd Relief Line East

  • I do forsee the need for a second subway relief subway in the east by the time the currently proposed relief line is built
  • The next phases of my plans will propose a second relief line along King Street and Kingston Road
  • Based on the width of the roadway and current vehicular usage, Kingston Road is not wide enough for an LRT, and; the current proposal for King Street itself is to provide streetcars with a dedicated route

Scarborough East

  • Scarborough East does not have the density to justify the cost of a subway and will not likely have the density anytime soon
  • Barring the use of hyperloops or some unforseen form of new techmology, my future plans will propose LRTs (or possibly streetcars) in this area of the city


  • Unless the speeds and travel times can be increased significantly; a subway will never be practicle for public transit between Durham and downtown Toronto
  • However; I do believe that the density of Scarborough and Durham will eventually justify a subway betwen the two major centres for local service (or some form of new transit techmology)




  • My plans propose the following LRTs for Scarborough with the LRTs being built as required to suit demand:
    • A Markham Road LRT connecting Kennedy and Eglinton, Centennial College Progress Campus, and Malvern Centre - This LRT would serve Malvern better than an LRT between Malvern and UTSC
    • An LRT between Ellesmere GO and UTSC connecting with Scarborough Town Centre, Scarborough Centre Station, and Rouge Valley/Centenary Hospital
    • An Express LRT [the beginnings of an MBTD (Mississauga-Brampton-Toronto-Durham) Express LRT] along Lawrence Avenue East and Kingston Road between Lawrence GO and Highway #2 at Sheppard and Kingston Road - See My Proposed MBTD Express LRT at
    • A Finch East LRT between Yonge and Finch and Malvern Centre
    • An LRT between Malvern Centre and UTSC
    • A Steeles East LRT between Yonge and Steeles and Malvern Centre
    • The Sheppard East BRT could also eventually be replaced by an LRT




  • My plans propose a Sheppard East BRT between Scarborough Centre and Highway #2 at Sheppard and Kingston Road


Driverless Shuttlebuses


  • My plans propose the following Driverless Shuttlebuses for Scarborough with the shuttlebuses being built as required to suit demand:
    • A driverless shuttlebus between Kennedy and Ellesmere GO Station; Scarborough Centre; and the Markham Road LRT at Markham and Progress and Centennial College Progress Campus
    • A driverless shuttlebus connecting the Toronto Zoo with the Sheppard East BRT


NOTE:  I would like to qualify all of this by stating that hyperloops (or some other form of new technology) will eventually make the need and use of LRTs and subways obsolete