Nov. 23, 2016


"Improvements that were being planned by Metrolinx (GO RER) were perfectly fine before John Tory came along

SmartTrack is just GO RER with a couple of extra stops

SmartTrack doesn't have the same frequency as subways

SmartTrack will be a significant improvement for a few, and provide inferior service for most

Subways are more suited to local service – SmartTrack will just slow GO down for every rider living north of each new station - GO should left as the premier/premium express service and subways should be left to do the heavy lifting

Omitting the McCowan and Lawrence Station from the Scarborough Subway Extension is a huge mistake – The Lawrence Avenue corridor has some of the busiest bus routes in the city – Yes; omitting the McCowan and Lawrence Station will limit riders options and help justify SmartTrack, but SmartTrack will not provide the same improvement in service that a McCowan and Lawrence Subway Station would

Scarborough is losing 5 SRT stations and gaining 1 subway and 2 SmartTrack stops – This is not an improvement but a step back – The only real improvement for Scarborough is the proposal for a Crosstown East LRT"