Jun. 15, 2017
Forget streetcars, let’s study subway plan

Thu., June 15, 2017

Richard Hennick, Scarborough - Re: Debate on Queen St. buses goes off the rails, Keenan, June 11

May. 26, 2017

"All stops are good stops as far as I am concerned (except on the GO lines) - GO should be reserved as the go to for express transit"

Phil Prentice - May 26'17
May. 16, 2017

"They should leave the existing subway stops alone - Eliminating subway stops will only serve to discourage less able riders - I am not in favour of fare integration - They should leave GO alone and use it as the primary mode of express transit service"

Phil Prentice - May 16'17
May. 6, 2017

"Questions? ..... Yes; which politician's ass do I have to kiss?"

Phil Prentice - May 5'17
Feb. 25, 2017