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Mar. 26, 2017

TTC chair Josh Colle defends the transit commission's CEO Andy Byford, above, and the decision to build a one-stop subway extention in Scarborough - Nakita Krucker / Toronto Star

Mar. 26, 2017
Subway, not old LRT plan, only option for Scarborough: Colle

If you truly believe in better transit for Scarborough, the plan to extend the subway, SmartTrack and the Eglinton East LRT is the only one on the table

By Josh Colle - Mon., March 20, 2017 - thestar.com

Mar. 26, 2017

This rendering shows what the Toronto council-approved and provincially-funded, seven-stop Scarborough LRT would have looked like in its own right-of-way - Here, it's shown at a proposed Centennial College stop - City of Toronto

Aug. 22, 2016

source - http://www.scarboroughsubwayextension.ca/