Aug. 18, 2016

Dundas Street BRT

Bus rapid transit along Dundas Street in Halton Region, Peel Region and Toronto

Dundas Street is a major east-west corridor in the GTHA, linking Toronto, Mississauga, and Halton Region - The proposed rapid transit route will play an important role in the movement of people and goods throughout the region and will provide residents an alternative to automobile travel - This project is intended to link with new development in Halton Region north of Dundas Street and to transform the street into an attractive corridor for pedestrians and cyclists

The proposed rapid transit line would run approximately 40 kilometres along Dundas Street from Brant Street in Burlington to Kipling Station in Toronto and will provide important connections to the Mississauga City Centre, the University of Toronto at Mississauga campus and the Oakville Uptown Core at Trafalgar Road

The Dundas Street BRT is currently in the planning phase - Within Halton Region, Class Environmental Assessment (EA) studies are underway for Dundas Street from Brant Street to Trafalgar Road, including widening the road, improving intersections, and implementing High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) lanes - The HOV lanes can be used by both buses and carpoolers, and will promote transit usage while optimizing the use of the road - As demand for public transit grows, the HOV lanes can be converted to dedicated BRT lanes

In 2008 the Province committed $57.6 million for the first phase, to improve bus services in the western portion of the Dundas corridor in Halton Region - The full BRT project does not have committed funding

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