Aug. 18, 2016

Hurontario-Main LRT

A light rail transit line along Hurontario and Main Streets

The Hurontario-Main LRT is intended to provide a catalyst for economic and residential development along these corridors through Mississauga and Brampton. When the cities developed a plan for the corridor, LRT was identified as the best technical transit option to support the vision for a vibrant, modern street, which was supported by the technical results of the Metrolinx Benefits Case Analysis in 2010 - Today, Brampton Züm and Mississauga MiExpress bus services operate along the route - The LRT service will move more people, faster, through these corridors than the existing bus services.

The Hurontario-Main LRT project is currently in the planning phase - In March 2010, the cities of Mississauga and Brampton completed a master plan, which is now informing the EA phase of the project, currently underway - This work will help determine the ultimate design and cost of building the LRT - In the coming months, the cities will be undertaking further public and stakeholder consultations through the Environmental Assessment process

The Hurontario-Main LRT project is an unfunded project. The project is estimated to cost approximately $1.6 billion

While this project does not have committed funding, some progress on this corridor has been made - The mixed-traffic bus service in the corridor was recently improved with the addition of Züm and MiExpress service – However; as Mississauga and Brampton continue to grow, it is anticipated that the existing bus services will not have adequate capacity to accommodate increased numbers of passengers, and higher-order transit will be required to serve the cities’ residents

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