Aug. 17, 2016

Brampton Queen Street Rapid Transit

Rapid transit service along Queen Street from downtown Brampton to York University

Brampton Queen Street Rapid Transit will be an enhanced dedicated-lane rapid transit service from Downtown Brampton to Airport Road, with potential to extend to York University and Vaughan Metropolitan Centre. Upgrading to a dedicated lane is a key component of Brampton’s long-term vision for the city, and will build on work already implemented by Züm

Operated by Brampton Transit, the current Züm service began service along Queen Street in September 2010 and connects Downtown Brampton to the transit hub at York University, operating as “BRT Light” service – higher-speed, higher-quality bus service operating in mixed traffic - This current service also travels to Vaughan Metropolitan Centre, which is the future terminus of the Toronto-York Spadina Subway Extension.

The currently operated service was funded by the Federal, Provincial, and Municipal governments, each contributing $95 million to the project for a total project cost of $285 million - After the completion of the Züm Queen project, remaining funds were allocated to introduce Züm service to other transit corridors in Brampton, including the Main Street/Hurontario Street service initiated in 2011

Brampton’s current service on Queen Street is an excellent example of how the region has made progress on one of the top priority projects in The Big Move - Although dedicated transit lanes do not yet exist in this corridor, BRT Light is still considerably faster than regular bus service and is an important improvement to the regional transit network

Funding to upgrade to a dedicated lane, for either BRT or LRT service, has not been committed at this time

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