Aug. 17, 2016

Yonge North Subway Extension

An extension of the Yonge subway line to Richmond Hill

The 6-kilometre Yonge subway extension and capacity improvement project is part of the region’s plan to provide better transit service to its residents and connect Toronto to the Richmond Hill/Langstaff Gateway Urban Growth Centre - Located in both Toronto and York Region, the new subway extension will alleviate traffic congestion along Yonge Street north of Finch Avenue, and is critical to support development at Richmond Hill/Langstaff Gateway - The result will be a major transit hub where transit riders will be able to make seamless and convenient connections to York VivaNext, GO and the TTC – However; the Yonge Subway line is currently near capacity - Several improvements are under way to expand capacity, and others need funding before the full extension of the line will be possible

The Yonge subway extension does not have committed funding and the project is currently in the planning phase. An EA for the project was approved in April 2009, and additional planning work has been conducted through a Benefits Case Analysis completed in 2009 and supplemented with further analysis in 2013

Until the subway extension is funded, BRT Light, operated by York Viva currently provides a link between Finch Station and the Richmond Hill/Langstaff Gateway Urban Growth Centre

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