Aug. 17, 2016

Express Rail on GO Lakeshore

Fast and efficient rail service from Hamilton to Oshawa

The GO Lakeshore Express Rail project will provide more frequent, faster, and higher capacity service on the Lakeshore West and Lakeshore East lines by upgrading its existing trains from diesel to electric propulsion - This will mean service-level increase, and include shorter travel times for passengers and lower operating costs

The long-term goal is a transformative level of service that will operate much more frequently than service today, allowing passengers to arrive at their departing station without having to consult a schedule - Exact details of the Express Rail service concept for the Lakeshore lines will be determined following further study

The existing Lakeshore service carries more riders than any other line in the GO rail system, with local service operating in both directions throughout the day and on weekends - The Lakeshore Express Rail project is currently in the planning stage to determine how best to provide further service enhancements and faster service

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