Aug. 17, 2016

Electrification of GO Kitchener line and UP Express

The GO Kitchener line and UP Express are proposed for conversion to electric equipment - Using electric propulsion for these lines would mean faster travel times for passengers and lower operating costs - The EA study for electrification of UP Express is currently underway

These First and Next Wave projects have been identified as the most important transit projects in the region - Metrolinx, regional, and municipal governments are making considerable progress in the implementation of these projects - Currently, many of these projects have committed funding and are underway

The region is also making progress on those projects that have not received funding commitments - The Yonge corridor, for example, is undergoing capacity improvements that are needed before the extension can be built - These capacity improvements represent considerable time and financial resources and are a first step in improving service in the Yonge corridor - Other projects, such as DRT Pulse, have received funding for significant improvements to existing bus services - Therefore, while the full scope of these projects remains unfunded, the effects of these upcoming improvements on transit riders should not be underestimated

For the remainder of the projects to move forward, funding is required - On May 27th, 2013, Metrolinx delivered an Investment Strategy to the Province of Ontario, including proposals for investment tools to support funding the Next Wave regional rapid transit projects, the integration of transportation, growth and land use planning, maximizing the value of public infrastructure investment, and optimizing system and network efficiency

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