Aug. 17, 2016

Sheppard East LRT

A light rail transit line along Sheppard Avenue

The Sheppard East LRT is a 13-kilometre transit line that was to run along the surface of Sheppard Avenue from Don Mills Station to east of Morningside Avenue in Toronto - The project includes a new train yard at Conlins Road

The Sheppard East LRT was part of Metrolinx’s investment in rapid transit in Toronto - In addition to Metrolinx’s contribution, the Federal government provided $333 million to the Sheppard East LRT project - The project cost was to be approximately $1 billion - As the major project funder, Metrolinx was to own and be responsible for operation

-        Metrolinx

UPDATE - This project has since been placed on hold for an undefined period of time and is to be reviewed at a later date