Aug. 17, 2016

GO Transit Rail Service Expansion (The First Wave)

A number of investments to enable expansion across the whole of the GO Transit network have been completed and are underway in the first wave of GO transit rail service expansion

The Georgetown South Project (GTS) was a $1.2 billion investment at the south-east end of the Kitchener line - The improvement was necessary to expand service on the Kitchener line and for operation of the UP Express, and is now complete

Additional improvements in the “First Wave” were two-way all-day service to James Street North Station in Hamilton (opened July 2015), and increased peak service to Gormley Station on the Richmond Hill line (The station is expected to open by the end of 2016)

Improvements are underway at Union Station as well - The revitalization of the train shed roof, concourse improvements between GO Transit and the TTC and improvements to the TTC subway station are all necessary to address expected growth in transit ridership in the region - The first phase of construction at Union Station began in January 2010 - The project was expected to be substantially completed in 2015 with final completion in 2016

-        Metrolinx