Aug. 2, 2016

SmarterTracks West - Preliminary Plans - 1st DRAFT

Following are the plans I will be proposing for the first few phases of my SmarterTracks for the GTA:

Phase I - 8 to 10 Years

 - Toronto-York Spadina Subway Extension (Completion - Late 2017)

 - Relief Line East

 - Eglinton Crosstown LRT (Completion -2021)

 - Crosstown East LRT Extension

 - Three or Four-stop Scarborough Subway Extension

 - SmartTrack East (included but not necessary with Three or Four-stop SSE)

 - Finch West LRT

 - Crosstown West LRT Extension (SmartTrack West)

NOTE:  I have since added an LRT connection between the Crosstown East LRT at Toronto Pearson Airport and the Finch West LRT at Humber College, and a driverless shuttlebus connecting the two added LRT stops with Woodbine Centre and the Woodbine Racetrack

Phase II - 10 to 12 Years

 - Relief Line West (Between Union Station and Dundas West Station)

 - Relief Line East Extension (Between Pape and Danforth and Don Mills and Sheppard)

 - Toronto-Richmond Hill Yonge Subway Extension

 - Waterfront Transit Reset (Streetcar/LRT?)

 - Markham Road LRT

 - Scarborough Centre Driverless Shuttlebus

 - Kipling Avenue LRT

 - Etobicoke South (Sherway Gardens) LRT - South-west to Sherway Gardens, and then west to Dundas Streets East and West and University of Toronto Mississauga Campus (I have dropped the concept of an Etobicoke South (Sherway Gardens) Subway Extension in favour of an LRT as part of Phase II and an Etobicoke-Mississauga Centre (Square One) Subway Extension as part of Phase III

 - Highway #27 LRT Extension (Connecting Humber College with Toronto Pearson Airport)

Phase III - 12 to 15 Years

 - Relief Line West (Between Dundas West Station and Weston GO)

 - Sheppard Avenue West Subway Extension (Connecting Don Mills and Sheppard with Scarborough Centre)

 - Sheppard Avenue BRT

 - Toronto Zoo Driverless Shuttlebus

 - Etobicoke-Mississauga Centre (Square One) Line 2 Subway Extension

Phase IV - 15 to 20 Years

 - Scarborough-Markham McCowan Subway Extension

 - Ellesmere Road LRT

 - Scarborough Express LRT/MBTD Express LRT East (Between Lawrence GO and Sheppard Avenue East and Kingston Road)

 - M-T Express LRT/MBTD Express LRT West (Between Mississauga and Toronto Pearson Airport)

 - B-T Express LRT/MBTD Express LRT West (Between Brampton and Toronto Pearson Airport)

Phase V - 20 to 25 Years

 - Finch East LRT

 - Crosstown East and Ellesmere Road LRT Phase II Extensions

 - S-P/A Express LRT/MBTD Express LRT East Extension (Between Sheppard Avenue East and Kingston Road in Scarborough and Pickering/Ajax)

 - West TBD

Phase VI - 25 to 30 Years

 - Completion of my proposed Toronto Beltline Subway (along Sheppard Avenue West and Jane Street south to connect with the Relief Line West at Weston GO)

 - MBTD Express LRT Completion (Between Lawrence GO in Scarborough and Toronto Pearson Airport)

 - West TBD