Aug. 1, 2016

SmarterTracks West - Preliminary Plans

I am ready to begin work on SmarterTracks West (my proposal for rapid transit west of Yonge Street) - I will start by looking at the city's latest plans and other recent plans and studies - The first few phases will emulate the city's latest plans with my own tweaks and adjustments; then I will apply my own concepts as the plans develop - Following are the phases I will be proposing - I know the timelines are aggressive - We have some catching up to do and, even though I know the costs will be ridiculously high, my timelines are set to make up for some of the lost time:

Phase I - 8 to 10 Years

 - Relief Line West

 - SmartTrack West LRT

 - Finch West LRT

 - Jane Street LRT

Phase II - 10 to 12 Years

 - Kipling Subway Extension

 - Richmond Hill Subway Extension

 - Etobicoke South (Sherway Gardens) Subway Extension - South-west to Sherway Gardens, and then west to Dundas Streets East and West and University of Toronto Mississauga Campus

Phase III - 12 to 15 Years

 - Etobicoke-Mississauga Centre Subway

Phase IV - 15 to 20 Years

 - MBTD Express LRT West (Mississauga and Brampton)

Phase V - 20 to 25 Years

 - TBD

Phase VI - 25 to 30 Years

 - TBD