Feb. 1, 2017


"Tolls would most certainly change the dynamics of vehicular traffic within the city – Although (given that half of the required infrastructure should have been in place before this time with tax dollars wasted over the past 30 years) I would reluctantly submit to road tolls, I think it is a good way of implementing a user-pay system to pay for much of the City’s share of infrastructure costs – The biggest problem will be traffic diverting onto other roads and streets – There are ways that some of this added traffic can be addressed, but it will be a problem regardless of the remedies they come up with – One option to make tolls more palatable for those in lower income brackets would be an equivalent increase in minimum wages

I agree with you that getting rid of the Gardiner altogether would be outrageous – The city has done studies and has come up with many different solutions over the years – Some involve a combination of elevated and tunneled sections as well as boulevards – I don’t understand why they doing this so piecemeal – It will all need to be replaced sooner than later

Phil Prentice