Roads and Traffic - GTA - Pearson/401 Express Tunnel

Dec. 8, 2016

"My suggestion was that they eliminate the 401 bottleneck between the 400 and Mississauga by building a 20 or 22 lane collector-express tunnel and expanding the Pearson International Airport runways over top of it - This is another idea that I will be proposing on my site sometime down the road"

Phil Prentice
Jul. 23, 2016

"As far as Pearson Airport; I will be preparing a proposal to build an Express 401 tunnel from the 401 and Highway 427 to Mississauga, and then extend Pearson Airport over top of it - This will resolve the bottleneck along the 401 between 427 in Mississauga and add enough space for an additional runway at Pearson"

Phil Prentice