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May. 9, 2017
Matthew Howe Maybe we should ask Phil Prentice who apparently has a planning degree​ and seems to the think the city has money for an unlimited amount of transit projects
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Phil Prentice Matthew Howe We all know that what we all need in the way of transit is beyond reach, but half of it could and should have been built by now - Damian's proposal is five years out; mine is ten; we all know that even twenty is never going to happen
Phil Prentice Matthew Howe We never should have stopped expanding our transit network like we have - One subway expansion over a 15 year period just doesn't cut it
Phil Prentice We should be planning for east and west extensions of the Eglinton LRT now, and starting them before the current line is finished and open
May. 30, 2016

Hi All - Attached are copies of the first six phases of the 2nd draft of my ten phase plan for rapid transit in Scarborough

Phase VI includes the following features:

- A three-stop extension of the Line 2 Subway from Kennedy and Eglinton to McCowan and Sheppard
- A subway connecting the Line 4 Subway from Don Mills and Sheppard to the Line 2 Subway at McCowan and Sheppard
- An extension of the Line 2 Subway from to McCowan and Sheppard to Markham ON
- An extension of the Crosstown LRT from UTSC to Malvern Centre
- A Markham Road LRT from Kennedy and Eglinton to Centennial College Progress Campus
- An LRT shuttle from Kennedy and Ellesmere GO Station to Scarborough Centre and the Markham Road LRT at Markham and Progress
- A Finch East LRT from Yonge and Finch to Malvern Centre
- An extension of the Markham Road LRT from Centennial College Progress Campus to Malvern Centre
- A Monorail or High-capacity Rapid Transit Line (HERT) from Kennedy and Lawrence GO Station to Pickering and Ajax with future extensions to the rest of the major centres in Durham Region
- A Lawrence East LRT between Yonge and Lawrence, the Relief Line at Don Mills and Lawrence, and the Lawrence Kennedy and Lawrence GO Station [with a possible extension of the Scarborough-Pickering/Ajax Monorail or HERT along Lawrence Avenue West to Pearson Airport and Brampton in the future]
- A Kingston Road LRT from the Waterfront LRT to Eglinton and Kingston Road
- A Detroit-Toronto-Ottawa-Montreal Hyperloop following the existing GO Train right-of-way [Non-stop between Detroit-Toronto, Toronto-Ottawa, and Toronto-Montreal] – If you don’t have faith in Elon Musk and SpaceX you are free to completely disregard anything I say on this one

Don't tell me we can't afford it - Keep in mind; though I state 20 to 25 years, the plan can be executed over a longer or shorter period of time depending on demand and affordability

You can view the full details and comment or contribute on my websites at and

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Joanna Ladowski I like what you designed but I envision it a little bit differently.
You have to realize that electromagnetic propulsion is a system that is likely to change the way we are traveling pretty soon.
It could be anything and is much more cost effective. In
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Phil Prentice You have some great ideas and have made some valid points - I am open to new ideas - I created my plan to encourage discussion and hope that the city (the planners, but especially the politicians) will notice and think ahead - The costs will be far less if they think several moves ahead
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Phil Prentice I agree that some form of higher speed transportation is coming; whether it be hyperloops, electromagnetic propulsion, or some other new technology - My vision is for some form of faster transit connecting the Niagara Peninsula with Hamilton, Burlingto...See More
Billionaire Elon Musk has announced details of Hyperloop, his mysterious high-speed…
Phil Prentice I agree with your comment that my plan seems a bit complicated, but it's very hard to connect all of the key destinations identified by the city with rapid transit without running lines along every arterial road
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Phil Prentice I am okay with the extension of the Crosstown LRT to UTSC as per the city's latest proposal - I think a beltline subway is more important for local transit within the city with possible extensions to Markham, Pearson Airport, and Mississauga
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Sean Galbraith Great work on the mapping. It's a great wish list/alternate universe project.

I won't say we can't afford it since there's no cost estimate. But yeah, we can't afford it.
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Phil Prentice I agree that we are not ready for it yet - Just trying to think ahead (50 years or so) - The city will change drastically over that period of time - Just think about Scarborough; a good portion of Scarborough was rural as little as 50 years ago
Phil Prentice I have guesstimated $750 million to $1billion present value per year over a period of 40 to 50 years just for Scarborough alone - Of course the plans could be stretched out as we go to suit future needs and availability of funding - At the rate we are ...See More
Phil Prentice This does not include $8 billion for SmartTrack - As far as I am concerned, the pre-Tory planned electrification and improvements to the GO Train network was more than adequate; and with the Relief Line and subway stations at McCowan and Lawrence and McCowan and Sheppard, there is no need for SmartTrack
Phil Prentice My guesstimate for the entire City of Toronto using similar concepts such as this, including; Scarborough, Ford's proposed subways (excluding Eglinton), LRTs along most major arterial roads in the city, a subway or LRT airport connection, and the propo...See More
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Joanna Ladowski BRT in separated lines makes a lot of sense, except it's not so convenient. There is another system developed currently that could promise to resolve many of the issues BRT is not not able to face. It is called SkyTran, a similar PRT system developed in India is called Metrino.
It's basically automated maglev that runs on elevated rails.
Sean Galbraith PRT maybe 15 years from now, but it doesn't exist yet other than as a concept (that has been around since Detroit's original idea for the PeopleMover). BRT we can install in 2 weeks, or whenever we have enough paint for the roads to start.
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Joanna Ladowski Well, both PRT systems are set a target of a year.
Sean Galbraith What I mean is that they are basically demonstration projects to see if the idea even works yet. It will be some years before its known how/if/should they be rolled out
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Joanna Ladowski It looks that there is a lot of enthusiasm that could speed up the realization of the project. We'll see how it's gonna develop.
The problem with the roads is that they are very congested already. At certain hours the vehicles are frequently stopped in the traffic.
My concern is that setting separate lanes for BRT would extra narrow the road and make it less accessible for private transit.
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Phil Prentice We are going to need LRTs and BRTs in the interim until ridership develops and as funding permits, but if we don't keep moving things forward, this city is going to grind to a halt
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Adam Sobolak Oh no, the TorontoTransitBlog/SmarterTracks oaf strikes again...
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Phil Prentice FYI Adam; you misinterpreted me - When I said "some people don't know what's good for them until you hit them over the head with it", I was referring to transit, not women as in your analogy
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Morgen Peers Great work. Highly realistic and necessary. Hopefully we can soon acquire the governance mechanisms necessary to advance thorough planning of this sort.
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Dinah Forbes You are going to need a heck of a lot more people living in Scarborough to make any of those lovely ideas tenable. Are you hoping for a thick forest of high and mid rise condos between Vic Park and the Rouge? Really?
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Phil Prentice Maybe ..... Which part don't you like? - Connection of all 12 of the places in Scarborough that the city has identified as being key destinations that should be serviced by rapid transit - The beltline subway that will allow the other 77% of us to literally get around in this city (not just to and from Union Station) - The rapid transit connection between Pickering/Ajax and Scarborough - The connection between Markham and Scarborough?