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Jul. 7, 2019

Louise Moon

Published: 5:11pm, 30 Jun, 2019

Updated: 10:34pm, 30 Jun, 2019

Jun. 2, 2019

The high-tech hub in southern China announced at the start of this year that 99 per cent of the 21,689 taxis operating in Shenzhen are now electric, as are all of its buses - Vincent Yu/The Associated Press

Jun. 2, 2019

Other cities should follow lead of Shenzhen, where entire bus fleet and 99% of taxis are now electric

Nazim Cicek - for CBC News

Posted: June 01, 2019

Dec. 12, 2018

Reducing congestion and smog are the main reasons behind China's push to get more people to ride bikes - Saša Petricic/CBC